Web Development Bootcamp

Educators today are increasingly challenged to capture and maintain the attention and engagement of every student in their class. In the workplace, teams are global, and the workplace is virtual – organizations will slowly diffuse across time zones and space.  Collaboration skills will be the glue to keep people working together effectively.  Having students engage in collaborative work teams and learning environments that foster cooperation in the classroom will help prepare them for their futures. 

Global Workforce Skills Program (GWSP) is designed for students to work together – whether that’s working in teams to solve a problem, or collaborating as an entire class to go through learning activities and master workforce skills.  Students learn digital citizenship concepts, clear communication techniques, and inclusive approaches to teamwork to achieve a goal that they all care deeply about.  With the integration of online collaboration tools incorporated within the program, students communicate in a new way, interacting with their peers, modeling real workforce collaboration skills. 

People learn naturally through a combination of observation, trial-and-error, and play-based practice.  An open learning environment like GWSP encourages independence and self-direction, allowing students the freedom to experiment and challenge themselves and each other.  Much like real-life, there are no step-by-step instructions – students must try, fail, and try again to achieve the result they want.  And because GWSP is essentially a student centric program, students are able to express themselves and their ideas in a unique way.  Differentiated learning experiences like GWSP can help educators create an inclusive classroom where every student is empowered to explore a world of learning.

In an increasingly interconnected global economy, the jobs of the future will continue to become more complex and ambiguous.  To succeed in this environment, students will need creative problem solving skills to find solutions and make decisions.  GWSP gives educators a forum to help hone these creative leadership skills in their students.  And it gives students a safe experiential learning environment, to take risks and try new things.

GWSP creates a fully inclusive classroom, with lesson plans and learning activities that cater to all types of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile.  Learning-by-doing teaches students independence and perseverance, and gives them great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when they can tangibly demonstrate their knowledge.  Students demonstrate concept mastery through designing conceptual businesses that solve a global social issue. The teams design a website that represents the business concept, build a brand book that is leveraged across the website, mobile application, presentation and video trailer.   GWSP utilizes on line workbooks for collaboration and learning, educators are able to review students' projects and activities through the online platform directly to monitor students learning outcomes and alignment with curriculum standards.

This 60-hour program curriculum can be delivered integrated within the regular school year.

To learn more about the Global Workforce Experience Program, or to schedule a program at your organization contact STEAM@lauriecarey.com