The Connections STEAM Coach™ program couples the Connections Foundations(e)™ program with an additional immersive training on Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills to understand and apply concepts such as flipped classrooms, video presentation skills, robotics integration, coding integration, mind mapping and reflection tools, integration of external learning experts, and classroom collaboration tools. This program provides participants with the skills to leverage brain-based coaching techniques that support students to shift to a growth mindset, collaborate on their learning experiences and leverage technology as a tool to support more productive and engaging learning.

Program Objectives

  1. Create a brain-based language for connecting
  2. Adopt a brain-friendly mindset
  3. Refine brain-friendly skills for learning
  4. Improve confidence connecting with others
  5. Improve confidence and skills in ICT
  6. Participate in growing community to support engagement with Industry Experts and ongoing ICT Skills

Connections STEAM Coach™:  Connections Foundations(e)™ Program PLUS Three (3) Days of  Immersive ICT Training  

Connections Foundations(e)™ Modules

  • Module 0: Program Orientation
  • Module 1: Neuroscience Foundation
  • Module 2: Brain-based Learning
  • Module 3: Brain-friendly Communications
  • Module 4: Brain-friendly Connections
  • Module 5: Emotional Regulation (Communicating with emotional students)
  • Module 6: Conversation - Problem/Stuck (Communicating with stressed students)
  • Module 7: Conversation - STEPS
  • Module 8: Conversation - Follow-up (Supporting goal setting)

Immersive ICT Training Modules

  • Module 0: Overview/Program Objectives
  • Module 1: Technology Introduction*
  • Module 2: Facilitated Learning
  • Module 3: Flipped Classroom
  • Module 4: Mind Mapping and Reflection Tools
  • Module 5: Classroom Collaboration Tools
  • Module 6: Video Presentation Skills
  • Module 7: Robotics Integration
  • Module 8: Coding Integration - Part I  
  • Module 9: Coding Integration - Part II
  • Module 10: Enhancing Teaching Skills Through External Experts

*Program fee includes a Windows Surface 3 Device with tools installed plus Robot Kit based on age group

This program can be customized to meet your needs and delivered over an extended time frame in modules. A minimum of 16 attendees are required to deliver this program.