Despite decades of project management processes, methods, tools, and techniques, an unacceptable number of projects and programs still don't meet the organizational expectations under which they were chartered.  Additionally, over 150 human cognitive biases have been identified, some of which contribute to frequent exaggerated expectations around project costs, time, and benefits. These expectations put the project team on the defensive from the very start of the project, increasing stress on the project team and resulting in poor project outcomes. Using foundational neuroscience research, this introductory webinar examines the effect of these "hidden" cognitive biases on those who set initial project time, cost, and benefit expectations and begins to explore how to mitigate these biases. This informative webinar will help you learn how to set YOUR critical projects up for success.

Who should attend this webinar?  Chief Operating Officers, Chief Project Officers, Vice Presidents of Projects, PMO Managers, Project and Program Portfolio Managers, Project Executives, Senior Project Managers and Program Managers can all benefit from attending this webinar AND joining us in the full program, which goes into greater depth and explores all four “hidden” biases.

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