Set Your Projects Up for Success - F2F is an in-person professional development program dedicated to project management professionals.  This one-day program is designed for Chief Operating Officers, Chief Project Officers, Vice Presidents of Projects, PMO Managers, Project and Program Portfolio Managers, Project Executives, and Senior Project and Program Managers.  This is an introductory course in the application of neuroscience research to project/program management and leadership.

Despite decades of project management processes, methods, tools, and techniques, an unacceptable number of projects and programs still don’t meet the organizational expectations under which they were chartered.  Using neuroscience research, this course examines the effect of hidden cognitive biases on those who set initial project cost, time, and benefit expectations.  It explains why those biases consistently result in understated cost and time estimates and overstated benefit estimates; it examines the specific hidden biases at play; and it explores methods and tools for mitigating those biases in order to set your projects and programs up to be more successful.

Set Your Projects Up for Success - F2F Modules

  • Module 0: Program Overview
  • Module 1: Foundational brain functioning
  • Module 2: Evolution of biases
  • Module 3: “Hidden” biases affecting preliminary project estimating
  • Module 4: Confirmation bias
  • Module 5: Optimism bias
  • Module 6: Anchoring
  • Module 7: Planning fallacy
  • Module 8: Mitigation strategies for minimizing “hidden” biases