Fun with Radio-Frequency Identification

Scalable to student’s interest and ability, the Arduino works with popular programming languages, and the Microcontroller has applications in robotics, wearables, and machines.  Learning to work with the Arduino introduces students to real world applicable uses of technology incorporated with coding skills.  This combination of hardware and software skills builds a foundation for students to expand and learn engineering concepts tied to computer science competencies.

This program is for more advanced students looking to explore the world of Radio-Frequency identification (RFID). RFID is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. The program is delivered in ten (10) 1-hour sessions designed to have students work in teams to learn what a microcontroller is and how to use it in fun activities that teach foundational concepts in RFID technology.

This program package allows your organization to offer an immersive program to students ages 13-18 years old in an all-inclusive package. We incorporate everything needed to deliver this at your location.  Microsoft Surface Devices running Windows 10 are utilized along with the Arduino RFID Display Experimenter's Kits.

12 Students, 10 week program - $4,610
($200 additional per student with a maximum of 18 students per program)

To schedule a program at your organization contact

Program delivery is limited at this time to areas on Long Island, NY and Charlotte, NC