Physical computing and its role in education

One Day Professional Development Program

Program overview

This six-hour academy is designed to give educators an understanding of what physical computing is and how they can integrate it into their curriculum to deepen learning.  Educators will learn why physical computing is a powerful teaching tool, how and micro:bit support physical computing projects, and what resources are available to design content-based physical computing units.  It is aimed at educators for whom physical computing is relatively new and who are looking to implement lessons in their classroom right away. This training will explore physical computing through hands-on activities that will introduce educators to the principles of physical computing and the resources available as well as collaborative activities that will encourage participants to work together to design a lesson for their class.


  • Understand the basic principles of
    • computer science,
    • computational thinking, and
    •  physical computing
  • Learn how and micro:bit promote physical computing
  • Design a physical computing lesson

Target Audience

The primary audience for this session is teachers (3-12), empowering educators teaching in a variety of settings and content areas.  With the growing expectation for integrating computer science education into classes, teachers of all content areas will benefit from this course.  That said, knowing your audience will likely be critical for successful application of the topics.

Agenda at a glance

mie computational schedule.png
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