Laurie Carey

Laurie Carey is a new American educator – challenging the problems of American education with a multi-prong vision that brings the tools of business success, innovative educational practices, and strategic technology to schools, districts, universities, teachers, students and parents.  Laurie Carey is not the proprietor of another educational product or service.  The entities that she has founded, Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC and We Connect The Dots, Inc., are driven by ideas, passions, individual skills, partnerships and the efficacy of research.  Both entities utilize mutually supporting designs to bring American education to a new level of effectiveness and leadership by replacing stagnation and irrelevance with passionate motivational learning and teaching.

It is one thing to discuss technology as a transformative and equalizing learning approach.  It is quite another to explore the depths of this transformation.  Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC deploys the teams that unleash the ideas that propel student learning and catalyze systemic change.  Partnerships with industry organizations to  bring a new understanding to the relevance of the Internet as powerful force to developing learning skills.  Laurie Carey Consulting teams create Work-Based Learning experiences that prepare all students to think as innovators, entrepreneurs, and individuals with unique skills to offer a 21st century world employing tools such as brain-based coaching and research metrics.  Laurie Carey Consulting teams address the whole of a school or district’s needs with educational strategies, funding plans, research frameworks and interventions designed for the success of all students.