micro:bit club


micro:bit club


The Perfect Platform for Education Groups or Clubs:

The micro:bit club contains 10 small pocket-sized computers that are easy to code on and even easier to bring to life. To start coding, plug the micro:bit into a computer, go to one of the available coding editors such as the Blocks and JavaScript editor at makecode.com.

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Introducing the Micro:bit! This revolutionary technology is the newest form of computational eduation and the most fun way to get students to learn how to code. This easy-to-learn device helps students of all ages enter the world of coding and computational thinking. From creating radios to wallets that count money themselves, the micro:bit covers a wide range of activities to expand your horizons in technology. Push the boundaries of your knowledge with Micro:bit!

Why micro:bit?

90% of students said the micro:bit showed them that anyone can code

86% of students said the micro:bit made Computer Science more interesting

70% more girls said they would choose Computing as a school subject after using the micro:bit

85% of teachers agree it has made Computer Science more enjoyable for their students


This pocket-sized computer has bluetooth technology to be able to talk to your smartphone, computer, or another micro:bit. There are also two programmable buttons for any interactive projects such as games. The micro:bit also contains multiple sensors for real life applications. Contained are a a magnetometer for sensing direction and metal detection and an accelerometer for tracking motion. On the bottom are expension ports for additional sensors, inputs, and outputs. Each of the sensors, inputs, and outputs are easily programmable using software on your PC, laptop, or mobile device!

What do you get?

The micro:bit Club contains:

  • Qty 10 BBC micro:bit
  • Qty 10 Micro USB cable
  • Qty 10 2x AAA battery holder
  • Qty 20 AAA batteries