Looking to bring in a speaker that can inform your team on the latest neuroscience research and how that research can impact your business in positive ways?  Meet Laurie Carey - With 30 plus years as a Technologist speaking to audiences around the world, she will inspire and entertain your audience with her passion for neuroscience.  Laurie will engage your audience like you have never experienced before, leaving participants curious to learn more.  She works closely with customers to understand their objectives, the audience dynamics, and expected outcomes to ensure she delivers a customized presentation that informs, inspires and empowers.

Facilitator Services

Whether you are holding a business strategy meeting, an annual organization retreat, a networking event, or brainstorming a business idea, having a third party facilitator to support a positive outcome can be the difference between success and failure.  Our Facilitators are trained in the latest neuroscience research to engage your teams in a productive meeting.  Your time is valuable and you want to ensure the time you spend together is productive.  We will work to design and plan the process with you.  Let us shape your next event or meeting to impact your organization’s success with positive outcomes.