The training is a comprehensive course covering a half year course that focuses on the transition from Middle School to the High School. 

Students who take introduction to Coding in Middle School increases their likelihood to take Computer Science in high school, which results in students that are more likely to take computer science in college.

To prepare students for the future, teachers need access to coursework that will support their success in introducing students to these growing career fields. Our goal is to help schools engage their students in learning to code through fun engaging project-based learning experiences.

Intended Audience:

  • The intended audience for this content are educators who teach middle school age students.

  • This initial licensing program is designed to address the need for middle school level computer science education programs.

  • We have put together a comprehensive half year program content to teach a five day a week, 40-minute classroom program.

  • Based on the student’s capabilities this content can certainly support a more advanced student who may be younger than middle school age, and can support high school students who have never been exposed to learning to code.

  • The content allows for independent learning that educators can create a learning environment that provides a more personalized learning experience.

    Sample Program Learning Modules
    UNIT 1: Before We Start
    UNIT 2: Safety First
    UNIT 3: Getting to Know DroneBlocks
    UNIT 4: My First Project
    UNIT 5: Learning Foundations in Coding 
    UNIT 6: Applied Math
    UNIT 7: Applied Geometry
    UNIT 8: Applied Trigonometry
    UNIT 9: Project - Demonstrating Competency
    UNIT 10: Project - Real-World Application
    UNIT 11: Elevating Coding Skills
    UNIT 12: Introduction to Capstone Projects

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