Informed by Neuroscience

Our programs are founded on brain-based scientific research with design and curriculum that has been validated by neuroscientists and is delivered by certified facilitators.

We've developed a unique training methodology steeped in this research, which we use to coach our clients on  learning, collaborating, leading, and teaching in a more effective and "brain-friendly" way.

 Professional Development

We help educators learn how to communicate and facilitate brain-friendly learning experiences for students in today's Information Communication Technologies (ICT) environment.

Our corporate training will help your organization realize better growth and development through brain-friendly coaching and communications that motivate, engage, and empower employees.


NPO Technology Consulting

We are technologists at heart and are passionate about supporting non-profit organizations. Through our own sister non-profit entity, we know all too well the challenges that non-profits face in today's world.

We help make these challenges a little easier to overcome for both existing and start-up non-profit organizations that are looking to transition to cloud-based technology solutions.

Technology has enabled us to understand more about the brain in the last two decades than in our lifetime.



According to the NeuroLeadership Institute, 71 percent of employees surveyed indicated their manager had emerged from a brain-based coaching program a better, more effective leader.


According to the Institiute of Educational Sciences Division of Curriculum and Instruction, 83 percent of studies reveal brain-based teaching methods produce a positive effect on students.

The key to successfully developing others is to apply brain-friendly coaching to support their ability to shift from being uncomfortable to getting comfortable.
— Laurie Carey

Research makes the difference. 

Breakthroughs in neuroscience research over the last two decades have taught us more about how the brain functions than we've discovered during the entire course of human history.  These ongoing and evolving studies are helping us understand how the brain processes information in various emotional states and situations.  We can leverage the brain's neuroplasticity (its ability to change itself) to learn, collaborate, and lead more effectively. 

Our training methodology transforms people and results.  Programs provide discovery into new ways of interacting and communicating as well as new tools to manage our emotions and counter intuitive but brain-friendly ways to help others manage theirs.  Learn more about what we do.