The Connections Foundations(p)™ F2F program is an in-person professional development program focused on the corporate sector.  It is designed for leaders, managers and individual contributors who want to create more powerful, engaging and respectful interactions. It also represents our core curriculum and is a prerequisite for our Connections Coach™ program (for those interested in becoming professional coaches).

Upon completing this 3-day program, Foundations(p)™ F2F participants will have the skills and models to engage in more brain-friendly communications that motivate and inspire performance and will be able to engage in brain-based coaching conversations that lead to positive self-directed outcomes.

Program Objectives

  1. Create a brain-based language for connecting
  2. Adopt a brain-friendly mindset
  3. Refine brain-friendly skills for connecting 
  4. Increase your effectiveness at connecting

Connections Foundations(p)™ Modules

  • Module 0: Program Orientation
  • Module 1: Neuroscience Foundation
  • Module 2: Coaching Foundation
  • Module 3: Brain-friendly Communications
  • Module 4: Brain-friendly Connections
  • Module 5: Emotional Regulation
  • Module 6: Creating Awareness
  • Module 7: Conversation – Problem/Stuck
  • Module 8: Conversation – STEPS™ 
  • Module 9: Conversation – Follow-up
  • Module 10: Conversation – Performance
  • Module 11: Conversation – Blind Spots (Habit)

The Connections Foundations(p)™ F2F program leverages the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies and maps to the ICF Portfolio Path application.  This program can be attended as a standalone course or combined to earn the Connections Coach™ and/or Connections STEAM Coach™ certificates.