Employers today seek students that demonstrate abilities in creativity, resourcefulness, team working, innovation, resilience, and IT skills. Project based experiential learning supports the development of these skills, and in addition, it builds strong communication and critical thinking skills. These skills are required in today's competitive workforce and will continue to be in demand in our future.

Learn how to introduce students to project based learning and a collaborative student-centered learning environment that takes place to set the stage for success. Understand how this is different from traditional learning and traditional teaching/learning environments. You will also learn how to build an understanding of the expectations of such learning environments and experience, how the role and behavior of students has to change, as well as the role and behavior of the teacher in order to ensure success. Understand the need to have a visualization of what has to change and what it looks like after being done successfully. Learn how to build team collaboration so that each member has a clear understanding of the purpose of their work. 

Program Objectives

  1. The value of shifting to PBL strategies across all STEAM learning domains and
  2. How to build effective groups or teams
  3. Introduce students to how they will play a role in appropriately relying on team members yet complimenting the team by taking on 100% responsibility/accountability for their part in the work effort toward the common goal
  4. Build a clear understanding of the value of team work and be able to see how their smaller part in it effects the larger outcome
  5. Understand the resources available today to shift to PBL and the neuroscience research that can support that shift