An Immersive Cybersecurity Discovery Program

Teaching Digital Literacy ( Coming in September 2019 )

Limited to Long Island School Districts this first year - to learn more or to be added to our wait list email us at

This program is designed in partnership with Industry, government, educators and students to support the growing need of resources in the field of Cybersecurity.  Through this collaborative effort students gain the opportunity to learn competencies in digital literacy, and good digital citizenship, along with the career opportunities and skill needed to explore a future within the field of Cybersecurity.
The program is taught through inquiry based learning as an immersive project based experience.  Students build competencies in problem solving, critical thinking, synthesizing information, communications, and collaboration skills. The program consists of 40 hours of blended on-line, in the classroom, and industry speaker, real-world learning.  

Students work in teams to research recent cybersecurity breaches to understand root cause and prevention methodologies. Each team will engage with industry experts to understand career roles in the field of cybersecurity and understand the learning resources and certifications available on the market and the benefits of investments. A final research report will be presented by the teams demonstrating the knowledge gained and value to their future careers.

Sample Program Learning Modules
Module 1 – Foundations in Networking
Module 2 – Internet of Things (IOT)
Module 3 – Cybersecurity concepts
Module 4 – Cybersecurity architecture principles
Module 5 – Cybersecurity of networks, systems, 
applications and data
Module 6 – Incident responses
Module 8 – The security implications of the adoption of emerging technologies
Module 9 – Career Paths and opportunities
Module 10 –Final Capstone Project Presentations
(These are just samples of the full program content)

In 2019 we expand this program to offer a competitive hands on Cybersecurity Experience for Students

This program can be delivered in two forms:
Teacher Training Package: This is a complete package to train your teacher(s) on learning the Cybersecurity curriculum.  This package also includes mentoring hours.
STEAM Integration Specialist Package: This is a complete 12 month program beginning in June with Teacher professional development, living lab within summer program, Teacher Training Package during school  year.

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