When businesses engage in building teams they seek to balance the required skills while ensuring the values of team members align with the company’s values.  With an ultimate goal of delivering a product or service to market. Expecting teams to execute together without first building a foundation of trust can set a company up for failure.  You may not notice this dynamic at first especially if the business is not experiencing change or disruptions.  Set your team up for success with a program that provides the opportunity for teams to build trust and to understand how each member will contribute to the overall success of the team. 

Laurie Carey Consulting offers creative team building solutions that are designed using neuroscience research.  We work with our customers to craft team building programs for company meetings, ensuring that we integrate your training needs into the event that will also provide positive outcomes and learning experiences. Increase your team’s productivity and success by providing the opportunity for them to become a high functioning team...a team that understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses...a team that is bonded by relatedness and values.  This program can also help reduce the conflicts that unconscious biases can create when a team is thrown together without the glue to keep them bonded.