Each year, schools around the world restart the school year clock and begin with a new set of students, and many times, a new set of teachers and leaders.  Providing students as well as teachers and leaders an opportunity to engage in fun team building activities that develop the foundation of trust, which is a part of the recipe for success in learning together.

When teams or classes come together for the first time, or when the learning is challenging it can create emotional disruptions.  Providing an opportunity for teams to learn how to engage and build levels of trust to support a positive outcome can be the difference between success and failure.

Laurie Carey Consulting offers creative team building solutions that are designed using neuroscience research.  We work with our customers to craft team building events for organizational meetings, ensuring that we integrate your training needs into the event that will also provide positive outcomes and learning experiences. Increase your team’s productivity and success by providing the opportunity for them to become a high functioning team...a team that understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses...a team that is bonded by common interests, goals, and values.