Helping Teachers successfully Integrate STEAM education across learning domains

LC Consulting continuously takes teachers through ourt Connections Foundations STEAM Coach training cycle.  As described in the info-graph below, we believe, in order to make a true impact in developing STEAM educators it takes TIME AND SUPPORT, and that’s exactly what we at LC Consulting provides. We invite you to register as an educator who will champion taking your STEAM program and curriculum to the next level.

Cycle - Official.png

Educators will take part in our "Living Lab" experiential learning program. As an educator volunteer, you will take part in a 3 day training program scheduled annually, in July .

During the 3 day training teachers will be exposed to our Connections Foundation (e) Educator training to understand the Brain Based Research on emotional readiness for learning and the role emotions play in student learning and students taking ownership of and remaining motivated to learn.

Teachers will be exposed to ICT training to introduce them to technology tools that can help aid student learning and help weave STEAM across curriculum.


Teachers will learn strategies and tools they can employ to create PBL and student centered learning environments.

Once this initial training is complete teachers are now ready to participate in the “CreatingSTEAM” program hosted by our sister organization We Connect The Dots. This program is a 10 day immersive introduction to STEAM for students and provides educators a “Living Lab” to observe, practice, and implement what they have experienced back in their classrooms. We encourage them to co teach or lead a session during the 10 day experience.

In order to participate we ask that you register by May 1st of the current year.

Teachers that are unable to commit to the training and 10 day experiential learning "Living Lab" can opt for a one day visit to observe the program and to learn more about our teaching methodology.

To learn first hand from an educator who participated in 2016 CreatingSTEAM , watch this video.