Did you know that some coaching approaches can create unnecessary "noise" and a less than optimal brain-state for your coachees? Maybe you've even had a less than optimal experience of your own.

While it is true, many coaches have lots of coaching experience, few have lots of brain-based coaching experience. Join our Connections Coach™ program and learn how to become a brain-based coach from one of the leading practitioners in the field. We will share with you foundational ideas about the brain and link them to the ICF Core Coaching Competencies. You will also learn and work with frameworks and models that are brain-friendly and maximize the coaching relationship.

About the program

The Connections Coach™ program includes participation in the Connections Foundations(p)™ program (our flagship "Leader as Coach" program)  plus eight (8) 90-minute virtual group TeleClasses led by a Certified Connections Facilitator™.  These virtual TeleClasses build on the core ideas covered in the Connections Foundations(p)™ program. Participants have the opportunity to continue practicing brain-friendly coaching skills while building mental maps for "formal" coaching engagements.  The TeleClasses will also offer participants a coaching structure, some tips for building a coaching practice, and the opportunity to apply for our Connections Coach certification (participants will receive group and 1:1 mentoring from a Certified Connections Mentor™ in advance of an assessment by a Certified Connections Assessor™).

Connections Coach™ - Connections Foundations(p)™ Program PLUS Eight (8) 90-Minute TeleClasses

  • TC1: Pre-engagement, GPS Model™
  • TC2: Coaching Session 1 – Goals
  • TC3: Plans
  • TC4: Coaching Session 2 – Plans
  • TC5: Coaching Session 3 – STEPS™
  • TC6: Coaching Sessions 4-13 – Managing Progress & Accountability
  • TC7: Coaching Session 14 – Closing coaching session
  • TC8: Building a coaching practice
  • Two 1-hour group mentoring calls
  • Two 1-hour individual mentoring calls
  • Submit two 20-minute recorded coaching conversations as part of assessment to become a Certified Connections Coach™ 

    The Connections Coach™ program leverages the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies and maps to the ICF Portfolio Path application.