What is in a brand?

How does a brand take you forward and how does it affect your audience and your ability to succeed? As an entrepreneur your brand is everything. It determines your success or failure in business and it takes time to build. For some, it can be an overnight phenomenon; for others, it can be an ongoing struggle. Part of the creative aspect of being an entrepreneur is building a brand with out-of-the-box thinking and by seeking ways to differentiate yourself from the “pack.”

Our beginnings

When Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC (LCC) was founded just over four years ago, there was not a lot of initial thought about the brand, as we started with a simple focus: Sustainability for our nonprofit organization, We Connect the Dots (WCTD). The nonprofit had already built a valuable brand by the time LCC was established. WCTD built a global brand within the first three years.

Cycle - Official.png

At LCC, we knew what the focus of our work would be, but the name was an afterthought. Everyone to whom we spoke said, “Keep it simple, wait until you have a better sense of who you are just in case you pivot.” And pivot we did. Where we began is very far from where we are today, yet we circled around again and pivoted once more. This is common among startups, shifting as a result of an expanded opportunity, or a failure that opens a new opportunity. Startups sometimes throw darts to see what sticks.

We were founded to create social impact to support educators in teaching the skills necessary for today’s modern workforce. A workforce continuously disrupted by technology innovation. LCC works within schools and businesses, providing professional development that incorporates coaching training, 21st Century Learning Design, Project-Based Learning, Computer Science, and the integration of technology skills. Our efforts have enabled funding to provide the resources necessary to support and sustain WCTD. Impacting thousands of students each year, and helping educators build sustainable skills to lead their students to successful careers.


Our new name is born

Today, our organization is taking a leap into a new brand that we are excited to share with you. Nebula Academy is our new DBA for LCC. Creating a brand for the organization is no easy undertaking. We wanted to ensure that the brand made sense to our team and to the customers we serve. It had to have a look and feel that those engaging with us would be just as excited about seeing as we are to share it with them.

As we thought about the brand and the name that we had selected, it was unanimous that the emotion we felt for “Nebula Academy” was exciting. It represents a beautiful, majestic site to see—one that allows everyone the opportunity to be in awe of its colors and what it stands for, “Where stars are made”. The more we began to speak with others about the new brand, the more energized we became as a company, ready for the next push forward.

NebulaAcademyLogoVersion1Dots smaller.png

Our logo designer Nic Leask, our own in-house STEAM Coach instructor, and AWS Instructor, wanted to make sure we incorporated an Icon logo. Icon logos are key to gaining quick brand recognition and familiarity. When people recognize your brand, you have accomplished deepening it for visual recognition. Our design turned out so amazing that we can’t wait to begin creating marketing ideas about how to leverage the new logo and icon to continue to build brand awareness and the impact our organization is making to support positive education transformation.

 Please share with us your thoughts, and comments, what do you think of our new brand “Nebula Academy”?

Our new mission statement:

Nebula Academy’s mission is to reignite the passion for learning and for teaching in today’s continually disruptive education and workforce development industries. We achieve these objectives by leveraging tools and resources that support today’s modern learner. Founded in 2015 and based in Syosset, New York, Nebula Academy, which is a DBA of Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC, specializes in STEAM and Computer Science education through Coaching, Professional Development, Team Building and Collaboration, both in person and online. With our nonprofit We Connect the Dots (WCTD), we select, by way of research and application, technology platforms for workforce development that are used worldwide by nearly all 21st century businesses. Nebula Academy (Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC) is a New York state-approved provider of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE). For more information, please call 631-468-7477 or visit https://lauriecarey.com

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