21st Century Learning Design

Two Day Professional Development Program

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This two-day in-depth workshop is designed for K-12 teacher trainers responsible for delivering professional development training. Attend this 2-day in-depth professional learning experience to understand how to design 21st Century learning opportunities for students. The 21CLD curriculum describes six dimensions of 21st century learning: Collaboration; Skilled communication; Knowledge construction; Self-regulation; Real-world problem-solving and innovation; and Use of ICT for learning, each of which represents an important skill for students to develop.
The 21CLD Trainer Academy builds on the research methodology providing a collaborative, practice-based process to help educators transform how they design enriching learning activities for their students.


To frame and answer the below questions:
• Innovative teaching and learning: what is "innovative teaching practice"?
• What are the characteristics of a “21st century educator”?
• What are the characteristics of a “21st century learner”?
• What school and system factors most support innovative teaching practices?

Target Audience

• Grades 1-12
• All subjects/content areas
• Professional Learning Communities
• Teacher Professional Development
• Administrators

Agenda at a glance

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Day 2 image.png
21st Century Learning Design
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