Web Development Bootcamp:  5 Day Program

Host this program for up to 24 participants 

Program Overview

BuildingSTEAM Bootcamps provide 21st century workforce skills for anyone looking to discover the opportunities surrounding the technology industry. This program provides participants with a foundation of skills to enter in to a career to support a business in a website support capacity or through the role of an administrator of a company website.  All of our programs provide participants with an online community where they can continue their learning and engage with industry experts and their peers.


Participants learn important 21st century workforce skills that they can use to gain employment or further their knowledge in computer science fields. Technologies that will be covered will include browser-based website generators, light coding in HTML5, web development, using social collaboration tools and device management. Learning to utilize Microsoft Visual Studio suite for further independent learning and preparation for Microsoft certifications. Students will learn which tools to leverage based on business requirements for website design and development. Students will learn to utilize Mind Mapping Software and Microsoft OneNote to support their continued learning and workforce skills. Students will learn how to work effectively in a team environment as well as be able to present their ideas verbally and in written format. Students will learn to utilize Windows Azure and Github to support continued developer skills and share out their portfolio for career opportunities.

List of products that students will be exposed to:

Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft OneNote



Visual Studio Suite

Windows Azure

To learn more about this program or to schedule a program contact us at STEAM@lauriecarey.com