Learn to Design 3D Animations and Video Games

5 Day Program - Saturdays

Saturday April 21st - Saturday June 9th

Unity 3D Animation Program

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Unity 3D Animation and Video Game Design

This program is designed to support students, educators,  and adults looking to gain workforce skills or general knowledge of digital animation development. Unity is a design platform utilized in the industry to develop digital animation projects. These projects can be utilized for video games, and interactive applications. Learning physics and math concepts through Unity can transform students and create an excitement for learning.

Through the Unity platform participants will learn how to create fun interactive experiences, video games, and foundations in coding within Unity.  Imagine learning how an object in a game must accelerate correctly and be affected by collisions, gravity and other forces. Unity’s built-in physics engines provide components that handle the physical simulation for you. With just a few parameter settings, you can create objects that behave passively in a realistic way. By controlling the physics from scripts, you can give an object the dynamics of a vehicle, a machine, or even a piece of fabric. From physics to math, digital animation projects use algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric relationships to define game object characteristics and properties. 

5 Day Program - Saturdays

When: April 21st - May 19th

Where: Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC

Suite 400, 1025 Old Country Road

Westbury NY, 11590

Time: 8:30AM - 4:00PM


Unit 0:    The Power of Unity to transform your imagination
Unit 1:     Introduction to Digital Animation and Game Design
Unit 2:    Critical Thinking in Game Design
Unit 3:    Game Design Theory
Unit 4:    Story and Game Creation
Unit 5:    System Dynamics and Scripting Fundamentals
Unit 6:    Game Development Tools, Functions and Properties
Unit 7:    Interfaces, Game Environment and Asset Management
Unit 8:    Game Development and Design Management
Unit 9:    Project Based Learning
Unit 10:   Where do you go from here

Unity 3D Animation Program


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Meet our Instructor

Luis Tolosa


Luis first began learning how to code while studying Computer Science at Columbia University. He followed the Vision and Graphics track which allowed him to take classes such as Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and 3D User Interfaces. Due to this coursework, Luis was able to conduct research projects focusing on Augmented and Virtual Reality. Post-graduation, Luis went to work at Blue Sky Studios to work Virtual Reality tools and experiences. He now works at Labrodex Studios as a Game Developer focusing on Gameplay systems and AI.

Throughout his time with We Connect the Dots, Luis shared his knowledge of Computer Science by assisting in teaching Introduction to Coding and Game Development. This path lead Luis to teaching Unity Game Design for Laurie Carey Consulting. Luis brings not only teaching experience with hundreds of students, but industry experience designing 3D games.


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