STEAM Boot camp -become a  "Certified STEAM Coach"  

3 Day Workshop

Educators today are increasingly challenged to capture and maintain the attention and engagement of every student in their class. In the workplace, teams are global, and the workplace is virtual – organizations will slowly diffuse across time zones and space.  Collaboration skills will be the glue to keep people working together effectively.  This boot camp provides educators with the opportunity to explore the latest neuroscience research around brain-based learning, develop coaching competencies, while building confidence in these new competencies through peer to peer activities throughout the boot camp.  Participates will work in teams to experience what experiential project based learning feels like and how to deliver a PBL model in the classroom.  Educators come away with new tools to leverage to support their success inside and outside of the classroom.

What to expect

Program Objectives

  1. Create a brain-based language for communicating
  2. Adopt a brain-friendly mindset in the classroom
  3. Refine brain-friendly skills for learning
  4. Improve confidence and skills in ICT
  5. Learn to deliver subject content in Computing, Science, Design & Technology and Math using Arduino Microcontroller
  6. The opportunity to meet other teachers and share ideas
  7. Participate in growing community to support engagement with Industry Experts and ongoing ICT Skills

Certified STEAM Coach Modules

  • Module 0: Program Orientation
  • Module 1: Neuroscience Foundation
  • Module 2: Brain-based Learning
  • Module 3: Brain-friendly Communications
  • Module 4: Emotional Regulation (Communicating with emotional students)
  • Module 5: Conversation - Problem/Stuck (Communicating with stressed students)
  • Module 6: Conversation - STEPS
  • Module 7: Conversation - Follow-up (Supporting goal setting)

Immersive ICT Training Modules

  • Module 1: Facilitated Learning
  • Module 2: Flipped Classroom
  • Module 3: Mind Mapping and Reflection Tools
  • Module 4: Classroom Collaboration Tools
  • Module 5: Video Presentation Skills
  • Module 6: Robotics Integration with Arduino
  • Module 7: Coding Integration - Part I  
  • Module 8: Coding Integration - Part II
  • Module 9: Enhancing Teaching Skills Through External Experts

*All Participants are eligible for a one-time 15% discount on STEAM Learning Kits

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