Laurie Carey Consulting is proud to be a Microsoft Education Training Partner.  We provide customized training and professional development for teachers, schools, and administrators. The free software and tools provided in Microsoft's Office 365 Education platform can improve productivity while preparing students for real world jobs.  The following are just a few solutions we provide training for:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneNote: The Classroom Collaboration Tool
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • MIE Teacher Academies
  • Creative Coding through Games and Apps
  • Minecraft for Education


Microsoft Teams:

Office 365 Education now includes MicrosoftTeams, a single experience for managing all classes and assignment workflow for teachers and students. Get assignments in one place and there’s even a Class Notebook built in. School Data Sync saves teachers time by automatically creating groups and enabling single sign on to apps in Office 365. Assign Office documents, links to web resources, and video to your class.  You now have the flexibility to share, track, and grade assignments across classes wherever is most convenient for you.

With collaboration between IT admins and school administration, we can create a customized training to fit your school’s current and future needs - brining awareness to available technology and helping teachers productively utilize the tools.


OneNote: The Classroom Collaboration Tool:

A digital notebook for the 21st century, OneNote allows everyone to collaborate when and where they need to.  Today’s schoolwork includes a lot of information, and OneNote helps students and teachers capture it all…on your own devices. With OneNote, everyone can stay organized, share lessons, work together, and even spark their creativity.

OneNote makes teachers’ jobs easier by giving them the tools they need to stay organized.  Teachers can organize their lesson plans and course content in searchable digital notebooks. Each has a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities. And, they can be viewed from any device - online or offline.

Let our trainers show your team how to utilize the features of OneNote and be productive. Help reduce time spent on administrative tasks while working as a collaborative team. Our classes are designed to immerse teachers into OneNote and the Class Notebook not just by showing them what is possible, but letting them create and utilize OneNote in real world scenarios.


Microsoft CCGA Teacher Academies:

Teachers who are interested in re-imagining their teaching through 21st century workforce skills should attend this FREE training. You will come away with ideas and methods that can be used immediately in your classroom.

This 6-hour Teacher Academy provides teachers an orientation to the Creative Coding through Games and Apps (CCGA) course curriculum and an introduction to the TouchDevelop platform and online CCGA tutorials. The CCGA curriculum is intended for middle school through early secondary classroom settings and no previous computer science or coding experience is required.

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Introduction to TouchDevelop and the span of coding concepts addressed in the course
  2. Introduction to all course materials and how to use them
  3. Understanding for how to teach Units 1 -4 of the course
  4. A detailed roadmap for further preparations that may be needed to teach the full course. Participant pre-work prior to the workshop is required

By completing the training, you will earn a completion certificate for your participation.

The MIE program was designed by teachers and teacher trainers for K-12 educators across all subjects. It increases the knowledge and integration of technology tools to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom, enabling teachers and students to get more out of the Microsoft products they love.