Connections STEAM Coach Training Cyle

This program is an immersive training experience for school districts that want to not only provide their teachers with the skills necessary to educate the next generation of students, but they want to ensure the investment in training carries over into the classroom. Our immersive program provides teachers with the skills and tools to engage with the modern classroom of dynamic learning styles, and to leverage technology as a tool engaging the classroom in project based experiential learning. This is a twelve-month program designed to support districts to implement the training in the classroom with assessments throughout the year to monitor metrics over time. Training begins with brain-based learning training and follows with an immersive program with students as a part of the learning process. This methodology eliminates the stresses of the typical school year yet provides teachers with the experience they need to build the confidence in learning together in a project based experiential teaching model.

Through this program you will learn how to introduce students to project based learning and a collaborative student centered learning environment that takes place to set the stage for success. Understand how this is different from traditional learning and traditional teaching and learning environments. How to build an understanding of the expectations of such a learning environment and experience and how the role and behavior of students has to change, as well as the role and behavior of the teacher, in order to ensure success. Most importantly the need to have a visualization of what it has to change into and what it looks like when being done successfully. Lastly, building team collaboration so that each member has a clear understanding of the purpose of their work together.


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STEAM Integration Specialist Package: This is a complete 12 month program beginning in June with Teacher professional development, living lab within summer program, Teacher Training Package during school  year. Integrating CreatingSTEAM into the classroom

Sample Program Learning Modules
Module 1 – Getting to know your team
Module 2 – Introduction to Software Engineering
Module 3 – Introduction to Robotics Engineering
Module 4 – The World of Application Development
Module 5 – Robotics and Math Challenge
Module 6 – Team Building - Survival Games
Module 8 – Presentation Skills (Why,What, How)
Module 9 – STEAM Challenges
Module 10 –Final Capstone Project Presentations
(These are just samples of the full program content)

This years schedule begins with two options to participate in the Connections Foundations(e) 

June 25-26th in NYC or June28-29th in Westbury, NY

Next we transition to Information & Communications Technology Training followed by Project Based Learning, combining the coaching, ICT, and applying competencies through PBL.

Educators then experience applying new competencies within a living lab with 64 students at our CreatingSTEAM summer program taking place July 16-27th

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